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OKLAHOMA  POOL  STARTS  HERE   and Ends in Las Vegas

 Sandy Chamberlain  DAY TIME office  918 355-2551   Sandy's Cell : NIGHT TIME 918 906-8779  

KEEP up to date on all the latest news  :  FACE BOOK  :SANDY CHAMBERLAIN  sandy@tulsapool.com 

 Watch for the latest New and Exciting :: G. W. Oklahoma "Invitational" Tour coming to your town


2016/2017 Tournaments

 ACS State 

Nationals: ACS

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Mr. Keith Costigan Has joined ONE BILLIARDS    call me for the next: free show  at    ONE Billiards .





September Tournaments

 2. Tulsa State Fair Sept 29-Oct 9( find sandy and win 5 cue drawing tickets - each bring the family)

3. Saturday October 17, 2016 at Riggs in  (1411 N. 3rd ) Langley 

Oklahoma  ACS "Invitational " G. W. Tour Stop

4. October   29-30  9-ball teams at Back Alley Billiards in McAlester

1st place teams win a ACS National Entry


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The International Instructor : Mr.Keith 918  355-2551

Individuals   $35 ( includes 2 hours )  

  Group Lessons : $45  ( includes 2 hours )

Simplified Rules of 8 Ball:   4 or more balls must hit a rail on break, Open after break, call that ball into that pocket, Do not need to call obvious shots...

For a legal hit:-- Cue ball must hit 1 of your balls first then ,something must hit a rail or pocket a ball.                 .E.R.O.  = Your 1st time to the table and all 15 # balls are on the table (and you run out).